I’d like to think the moonshine touches you and I at the same time in different parts and places, encouraging us that morning will come even when we don’t want it to. 


house for pau & dew | detail ~ arnau tinena architecture 


I wish I were back in the Bronx in this boys room. We would be drunk and I’d be impatiently twirling my hair and staring at him because all I ever want to do when we’re drunk is you. So you’re really into the movie but I don’t really care. It’s Netflix, pause it because I want you under me. So…

Deerhunter - Cover Me Slowly

Devendra Banhart - Daniel 

Alex Turner - Hiding Tonight 

El Perro del Mar - Let Me In 

| ♕ |  Gordes, Provence - {Plus Beaux Villages}  | by © Kallie Brynn | 

Sterling silver circle earrings. // $47

Katheryn Love
Missed Connections


Salvador Dali - Portrait of a Passionate Woman (The Hands)